Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Keep on finding target!

Sorry that the SFC has been absent. RL assignment had me out of the country and I'm returning soon. Probably be gone a few weeks.

But that doesn't mean you yard birds can slack off! I have several SGT's and corporals that will be keeping an eye on you all.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Posted by vantagev82

Field Manuel: How to properly Flag a Youtube Video

Listen Up!

Some of you troopers seem to need a bit more hand holding and guidance on the proper way to flag videos at youtube. So how about some pictures to go with the step by step instruction.

I'll skip though the introduction stuff here in the FM-SDTRYTV-2008 and get to the step by steps.

Step One: Below the player and to the right is the word Flag. click on it and you will see:

Step Two: Move your cursor to hover over the Select Reason and then move it down the drop down box so that it looks like this:
Click on Promotes Violence.

Step Three: Once you do that the box will change to this:
And you will need to select either National Origin or what ever is appropriate for that video.

Step Four: Add a comment such as : Providing services to terrorists violates executive orders 12947 and 13224 or what ever is appropriate for the video. Be specific and do not lie!
then Click on the Flag This Video button.

You have now finished flagging a video. Good Job troops! Do some more for Target Practice.

Wash, Rinse, repeat!

Target: tatartwin

Just finished tatartwin's playlist.

More Profiles to work!

Over at the Jawa Report, Kafir Alalazoo has a post with a bunch of profiles. I highly recommend that you troopers go and pick a profile and just flag all the videos in that account.

I'll be added bunches of playlist from that post as many are not on my list.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Secondary Target: Side2News

Check the playlist in the side Bar. Side2News is next on the list and it shouldn't take long. Its only 16 vids.

So, A Funny thing happened on the way to a Smackdown...

So I was making a play list for mbumuslim22 and as I get set to add number 17, I see that its account has been suspended.

Great! But now I got to start another playlist.

Mean while, lets get habebalmurshid'd knocked down!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Out F***ing Standing!

Zoma1's account is down!

Good job troops!

Now back to habebalmurshid account and I'll see what the next target will be.

Keep this up Corporal and you might just get promoted!

Carry On!

Switching targets

Forgot to mention that I moved zoma1's playlist to the top. We're just going to temporaily switch targets to try and maximize our fire on zoma1.

So, If you haven't gone and flagged zoma1's terrorist supporting vids, then check the playlist onthe left and click the name and flage them.

If you have already flagged it. Do it again!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Stay on target...

Four Vids down at zoma1's account at the time of this posting.

Keep it up!

Hellllloooo Adam! Werer R U??!

Not that this has much to do with youtube users, other then he made his first appences as a translator for AQ on youtube.

Where's the Beef? Mystery Grows Surrounding Whereabouts of Adam Gadahn
By Evan Kohlmann

This afternoon, Al-Qaida's As-Sahab Media Foundation has released the second
audio recording of Usama Bin Laden in the space of only three days--this time,
openly addressed "to the Islamic nation." But, perhaps what is most interesting
about Bin Laden's latest set of audio recordings is not what they contain--but
rather, what they inexplicably lack: the English-language subtitles and matching
transcript that have, until recently, been a customary feature of
professional-quality As-Sahab videos. An analysis of the history of As-Sahab
recordings and their evolution over time would seem to indicate that the
responsibility for creating these English-language products fell largely on the
shoulders of one man alone: Adam Gadahn (a.k.a. "Azzam al-Amriki"), the
California native who was recruited by Al-Qaida computer specialists living in
Garden Grove in the late 1990s, and who later traveled on to Pakistan seeking to
join his new hero Usama Bin Laden. Gadahn's voice and, more recently, his face
have been an integral part of As-Sahab releases since their first video
production in 2001, "The Destruction of the U.S.S. Cole" (a.k.a. "State of the
Ummah"). He has frequently appeared as a freely identified commentator in
As-Sahab videos, with clips of him speaking in English juxtaposed amid footage
of Usama Bin Laden and Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri.
In January 2008, the U.S.
military used a Predator drone to launch an airstrike on a house in Mir Ali,
Pakistan, which was suspected to be hiding several high-ranking Al-Qaida leaders
and operatives. Within days, Al-Qaida issued a series of statements and video
recordings acknowledging that the airstrike had caused serious casualties,
including Abu al-Laith al-Liby--a senior Al-Qaida leader considered to be the
"Field Commander" in charge of foreign mujahideen military operations across
large swaths of southern Afghanistan. But according
to NEFA Foundation sources inside Pakistan, the legendary Abu al-Laith was not
the only loss suffered in the strike at Mir Ali. These sources indicated that a
host of other less-senior-but-still-significant Al-Qaida members were also
inside the house at the time, including Abu al-Laith's deputy, a Somali holding
Australian or U.S. nationality, two Kuwaiti jihadis, and--most interesting of
all--none other than Adam Gadahn himself
. Al-Qaida has never confirmed nor
denied reports of Adam Gadahn's death, and that has only added to the growing
mystery surrounding his whereabouts.
This much can definitively be said:
there has been a palpable decline in the efforts of As-Sahab to provide
English-language translations since the January airstrike in Mir Ali. When
As-Sahab recently released a two-part online Q&A session with Dr. Ayman
al-Zawahiri, it was only able to produce an English translation for the first
segment. Even the limited translations As-Sahab has managed to cobble together
recently appear somewhat different linguistically from previous work attributed
to Adam Gadahn. What distinctly struck me on Friday was the As-Sahab release of
a Bin Laden audio recording specifically addressed "to the people of the
West"--most of whom speak little to no Arabic. One would imagine that if
As-Sahab were to ever seek to spotlight its foreign language capabilities, this
would be the totally obvious occasion. And yet, there has only been silence from
Al-Qaida in this regard.
For those who are carefully following the ongoing
saga of Adam Gadahn, it is worth paying close attention to one upcoming calendar
date in particular: the seventh anniversary of 9/11. Gadahn has demonstrated a
past penchant for making grandiose public appearances on 9/11, triumphantly
gloating over Al-Qaida's latest "victories" over its enemies. His continued
unexplained absence from As-Sahab releases as this date approaches will only add
further weight to the argument that Gadahn was indeed "martyred" alongside Abu
al-Laith al-Liby in the far northern reaches of Pakistan. For Gadahn, it has
been a long journey and a strange ideological transformation from his younger
days in California spent promoting recycling and environmental conservation. If
ultimately proven, his death will serve as a lesson for what happens to naive
individuals lured into believing there is honor in playing foolish games with
guns and bombs.
So, Adam, in the event that you are still out there (alive,
kicking, and reading this message), please do drop a line and let us know what
has become of you!
May 18, 2008 05:32 PM

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Playlist Link Thingy

At the suggestion of Andrea of Quoth the Raven, jihadi SMACKDOWN of the day and Stop Internet Terrorist (Get the idea that she doesn't like the jihadi teror vides?) I've added link list of the playlist so you the reader won't have to scroll down to the post to go to the target.

The active target will always be on top. Suspended accounts will rotate to the bottom and I'll also have a few list under the active one waiting in the wings. Don't feel that you have to wait until that is active. If you have the time, do some flagging on your own. Its good target practice!

Smackdown of the Day Feed is up!

Got a nifty widget over to the left that will show an RSS feed of Smackdown of the Day post. Handy in case I forget to make a post here.

Todays is zoma1 and tha account will be the next target after habebalmurshid's are down. If you want to get a head start, check all my playlist at my channel.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

India Whisky November Sierra Blog Mission Objective

After a few discussions on some private forums, I thought I should post this blogs Mission objectives.

Unlike some of the other youtube smackdown sites, IWNS is focused on getting entire Youtube user accounts suspended. Nothing wrong with the one video at a time method. If I thought that was in error, then I wouldn't throw a weekly pizza party for my employees and nearby businesses on the condition they flag 10 videos.

But some of these returds (to call them retarded insults the mentally challenged) never seem to get their account suspended. Even with multiple videos taken down. So this site aims to focus on those difficult cases and target the entire account.

So if you don't mind taking some time, usually no more then forty minutes, then check out the 'how-to' post, pour yourself your favorite beverage and Flag 'em!

Standby For New Mission Orders.

Objective: Suspend Targets Account
Target: habebalmurshid
Tactics: Flag videos on playlist.

New Comment to put in flag comments since these are Hizbollah vids.

On January 25, 1995, the Annex to the Executive Order 12947 listed
Hizballah as a Specially Designated Terrorist (SDT). The Department of State
designated Hizballah as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) in 1997.
Additionally, on October 31, 2001, Hizballah was designated as a Specially
Designated Global Terrorist under Executive Order 13224.Youtube is in direct
violation of International Emergency Economic Powers Act & at least one
Executive order.

Easiest way is to copy this to clip board and then you can paste as needed.

Mount Up!

Target Practice.

Okay troops! Listen up!

we've had some good success in that first action. While we are waiting for the next mission order, we'll put in some range time and do a little target practice.

Hey, wake up your buddy over there! Don't make Ol' Sarge throw rocks at his brain bucket!

The Target is provided to us by the fine folks at Jihadi SMACKDOWN of the Day. (Link over in Smackdown corps.)

First things first, open a window or tab at youtube and sign in on your account. Youtube will not let you flag videos without an account so if you don't have one, go though the steps to make one. You can make an anonymous account with a screen name rather easy by first creating a gmail account with that name and then you can login to youtube with that gmail account.

Now that you have that window or tab and are signed in, lets get to the target video.

Todays video is, and for you late comers that will be joining us after this video is gone, just go to and use the very first one listed for the day.

You can either c&p the URL into the search box on the youtube site or you can click the link and bring up a new Tab or window and you should be signed in in that window playing the target video.

Now, if you don't have a strong stomach, then I suggest you pause the video, then I always like to rate it with one star just to pour salt in the upcoming wound. Now over on the right hand side (Your military right Private Stinky!) under the video player is the word FLAG. Click that and it will give you :

This Video is Inappropriate
Please select the category that most closely
reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine
whether it violates our Community Guidelines or isn't appropriate for all
viewers. Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines,
so don't do it.

Under that will be a box with select a reason. Move the cursor over that and select Harmful or Abusive Content and then either National origin, Race or what ever is appropriate.

Before you click on the Flag this video button, put this in the comments box below it.

Providing services to terrorists violates executive orders 12947 and 13224.

Then click on the flag video button.

Easy huh.

And for a bit of extra zing, you can click on the posters name to go to its channel and if they have a picture in the profile box, there is a report image button on the bottom of the box. Most of the time these dirt bags have a picture of their favorite terrorist or something that includes a terrorist symbol. Flag it too.

All Right! Now take some practice shots on your own, I have to confer with HQ. Corporal, take charge.

Target: Eliminated!

Just got word that account has been suspended! Hooooa!

Stay ready for next mission.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Target: Bomberworks2008

Okay, this returd says it resides in Japan and must be too cowardly to head off to Iraq or Afghan, but it post all kinds of terror vids, mostly ones showing ineffective explosions on allied troops.

Anyhow, the turd has 40 some vids to smack down and I have them in a playlist at my youtube channel. You can go there to flag them.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lock and Load!

Well, here is the first post of IWNS, a blog mostly about policing up youtube's site and smacking down the anti-western, Jihad loving terror propaganda vids.

First, my Youtube channel will have playlist of vids to smack. That is here.

Second is some warporn to watch.