Saturday, May 17, 2008

Playlist Link Thingy

At the suggestion of Andrea of Quoth the Raven, jihadi SMACKDOWN of the day and Stop Internet Terrorist (Get the idea that she doesn't like the jihadi teror vides?) I've added link list of the playlist so you the reader won't have to scroll down to the post to go to the target.

The active target will always be on top. Suspended accounts will rotate to the bottom and I'll also have a few list under the active one waiting in the wings. Don't feel that you have to wait until that is active. If you have the time, do some flagging on your own. Its good target practice!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Not only do I "dislike" these terrorist videos - I am outraged that YouTube would host them!

Mike at Jawa has a post up this morning about a Jihad funding ring that got busted and I think - how different is that from what YouTube is doing?

Thanks LA - and thanks to all of you who are helping on this project - we're gathering steam and you are part of it!