Thursday, May 15, 2008

India Whisky November Sierra Blog Mission Objective

After a few discussions on some private forums, I thought I should post this blogs Mission objectives.

Unlike some of the other youtube smackdown sites, IWNS is focused on getting entire Youtube user accounts suspended. Nothing wrong with the one video at a time method. If I thought that was in error, then I wouldn't throw a weekly pizza party for my employees and nearby businesses on the condition they flag 10 videos.

But some of these returds (to call them retarded insults the mentally challenged) never seem to get their account suspended. Even with multiple videos taken down. So this site aims to focus on those difficult cases and target the entire account.

So if you don't mind taking some time, usually no more then forty minutes, then check out the 'how-to' post, pour yourself your favorite beverage and Flag 'em!

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