Friday, May 23, 2008

Field Manuel: How to properly Flag a Youtube Video

Listen Up!

Some of you troopers seem to need a bit more hand holding and guidance on the proper way to flag videos at youtube. So how about some pictures to go with the step by step instruction.

I'll skip though the introduction stuff here in the FM-SDTRYTV-2008 and get to the step by steps.

Step One: Below the player and to the right is the word Flag. click on it and you will see:

Step Two: Move your cursor to hover over the Select Reason and then move it down the drop down box so that it looks like this:
Click on Promotes Violence.

Step Three: Once you do that the box will change to this:
And you will need to select either National Origin or what ever is appropriate for that video.

Step Four: Add a comment such as : Providing services to terrorists violates executive orders 12947 and 13224 or what ever is appropriate for the video. Be specific and do not lie!
then Click on the Flag This Video button.

You have now finished flagging a video. Good Job troops! Do some more for Target Practice.

Wash, Rinse, repeat!

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