Monday, June 30, 2008

Some re-organizing.

I've made a list of smacked down playlist on the side bar and from now on the target playlist will only have active targets.

I've gone and deleted the playlist with accounts suspended because it was getting too large to sort though when making a new list. Thus the reason for the new list of suspended accounts on the blog. I've also added the number of videos in the playlist. That is the number in parentheses.

At the end of the month, I'll archive them and will archive them monthly to keep the side bar from getting cluttered.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

This is the Funniest Sh*t!

These dude (Who has zero musical talent, but fancies himself a musician) is such a coward that he took down all his videos!


I wonder how many other Gay Nazi-Muslims this guy knows?

Friday, June 27, 2008

warriorsofislam has 3 down

But of course the account is still up. Didn't think it would be easy.

Let's spread the word and get some more videos down and really get Youtubes attention.

Skeet Surfin'

Just a little something to celelabrate Heller v. DC.

Friday Thoughts

Just some ramblings. Got Too much smoke at the office because of wildfires and its miserable.

But not as miserable as the feeling I get when some POS cyber-jihadist clings on forever like antijew21! This returded excuse for scum has only ONE video left! Lets crash the flagging server on this one video.

I don't care that it only shows some damn rockets, its a recruitment video for ISI and Shouldn't be hosted by a US company. I do believe there are laws against that.

Also, Today is a big kick-off on a new target. Warriorsofislam is new, forming its channel just over a month ago and already has 43 videos on it. Lets take them down, shall we?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Target! Warriorsofislam

Antijew21 is still on the list, but I think we are skilled enough to handle two targets at once. Don't you think?

This new one caused some stir when I sent some of this on up to higher HQ, but we're going to knock it down anyways!

Lock and Load!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

antijews21 is the next target.


Time to get antijews21's last remaining video down and see if Youtube will suspend the account like they are suspose to.

Playlsit here.

Target playlist out of date

Sorry that the list to the left is out of date. I've been putting it off because I have a plan to change it , but I maybe doing a compleate redesign of the blog site.

Anyways, I'm keeping the playlist up to date on the YT channel, so If in doubt, head over there and check the full listing of playlists.

Monday, June 23, 2008

zarquawi11 playlist is next target!

Find the playlist Here.

Hmmmm, what are you up to Penterapete187?

His channel is still there, but he must have taken all his videos down.

Certain small things that happen like my youtube channel URL every now and then getting changed to a UK server makes me think that somebody inside YT is tipping off the hardcore cyber-Jihadists.

Not much can be done now except to keep an eye out on this punks channel for his comeback. and he will be back, like scum on water.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What do we have to do???!

When I made the penterapete187 playlist there were 15 videos. Six are now unavailable, and since the users hasn't logged in in more then a month and as I made the list about two weeks ago, its safe to say that the videos were removed by Youtube.

So why isn't the account down? Do we have to mark it as derogatory to Gay Asian Kittens?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

garampani420 smacked down!

So, I'm busy making a playlist for this creep and I get to number 50 and the account is suspended! (There were 76 vids going on that list.)

Props to the boys and girls at Free Republic.

JubaIAI playlist added

There are 7 videos on the list. Smack 'em down!!

JubaIAI playist is here.

gonzales00cuba down too.

Basically the same story. I've had the playlist made, but some others got it down before I could put it in rotation.

Still, its a victory worth celabating!

Smack some more, I'll find more targets!

Did anyone notice fahad1408 is down?

I had made a playlist for fahad1408 and had this target coming up in rotation, but it seems its down now.


There's always more were that piece of scum came from!

Five down, So why is Youtube not doing their job?

You can see that another video of Penterapete187 is down. So thats Strike five? Since June 12th?

WTF Youtube??

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WTF utube pt 3

So if you try to go to here and to make a report that way, they have removed the contact us link.

I do believe its time to make this political.

UPDATE: there is a way. check the comments below.

WTF??? Youtube pt2

YouTube Support to me
show details 12:23 PM (1 minute ago) Reply

You are receiving this automated reply because you have sent mail to
an invalid email address. If you are trying to contact YouTube,
please visit the YouTube Help Center at:

If you're unable to find the answer to your question in the Help
Center, you may use the contact forms located there to send us your

WTF Youtube???

What a bunch of fucking coward!!!!!!!!!

So I sent this to Youtube about panterpete187:


Me again. I made this playlist of Panterpete187's videos on the 12th of June and snce then there has been 4 videos removed. If these 4 videos were removed because of violation of the community guidlines, then why is this account not suspended?
(If they weren't taken down by you, then please ignore this query.)

I draw your attention to your own General Policy Enforcement Information page.

The first strike on an account is considered a warning. If an account receives two strikes within a six month period, the ability to post new content to YouTube from that account will be temporarily disabled. If there are no further issues, full privileges will be restored automatically after a period. If an account receives a third Community Guidelines strike within six months (before the first strike has expired) the account will be terminated.

So I ask again: Why isn't panterpete187's account terminated?


Lan Astaslem.

I sent Them to editor@yourtube and abuse@youtube.

I get this auto response back.

This is an automated response to let you know that your message has been
caught by our spam filter and won't be read. It appears that you have
reached us at an incorrect address. The best way to get a hold of us is by
visiting the Help Resources page at
or checking out our Contact Us page:

Please don't reply to this message -- we won't get your response.

By looking through our Help Center, you should be able to find a solution
to, or report your problem. You'll also be able to gather the information
we need to best assist you.

So If you follow that pathetic link:

Youtube contact page

Notice that none of the links there will take you to were you can type anything other then a search query.

I called the number and after getting the run around in the phone tree, I conclude that there is no way to talk to them by phone unless you magically know the extension you need.

I'm going to try one more email address and if that don't work, its off to my lawyer to see about getting a response by more aggressive (but legal) means.

4 vids down in less then a week, so why is Panterapete187 still around?

Anyone can plainly see from the Panterapete187 playlist that There are 4 videos that are no longer available and its a safe bet that since all of the videos have Jihadist leaning that they were removed for violation of Youtubes TOS.

So why is this account still up?

From Youtubes own policy as posted on their site. (H/T to andera.)

You can find this at: Help Resources Home > Help Center > Account and Policies > General Policy Enforcement Information

General Policy Enforcement InformationHow do we implement YouTube’s content policies?
The standard of behavior we expect of YouTube users is set out in our Community Guidelines. If a user posts a video or otherwise behaves on the site contrary to these Guidelines, we will generally remove the offending material, and apply a Community Guidelines warning strike against the account of the poster. These strikes stick with the accounts belonging to that user for six months from the date they are received. If a user receives such a strike they will be notified when they next log-in to their YouTube account. For reference, copies of the notice are also sent to the user's email address and YouTube private message inbox.

The first strike on an account is considered a warning. If an account receives two strikes within a six month period, the ability to post new content to YouTube from that account will be temporarily disabled. If there are no further issues, full privileges will be restored automatically after a period. If an account receives a third Community Guidelines strike within six months (before the first strike has expired) the account will be terminated.

When a user has posting privileges temporarily disabled on one account, for the duration of the suspension that user is also prohibited from posting material to YouTube using any other account. Attempts to circumvent this rule may result in immediate termination without warning of all accounts.

Emphasis added by me.

Email Youtube at and/or and ask them about this.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Here's one I want down pronto!!

This one needs to go.

Update: Strike One!
(Hat tip to Celebrimbor)

OccupationResistance ~SUSPENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Panterapete187 has three down. Why is this POS still not suspended?

The playlist is here and you can plainly see at least three videos marked as unavailable.

Now according to Youtube's policies, if these three were taken down because of violation of TOS, then the account should have been suspended.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Panterapete187 playlist added.

Go Here and Flag!

OccupationResistance player.

Another one to take down. Several videos have been taken down, but this account is still up. Let's help Youtube decide to suspend this account by giving each video left a massive flagging!!

Go Here to flag!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Editor @ youtube


This users account: has at least five(5) videos that you have pulled for violation of Terms of use.

I know because I made a playlist ( and of all this accounts videos that were displayed on that account as of June 5th 2008. I can plainly see the videos that are now marked unavailable.

As this user also has on most of those videos the symbol of the Islamic State Of Iraq, a Terrorist Organization and further that you have seen fit to remove five (5) of said users videos, it is strange to me that this users account hasn't been suspended.

Does it take six (6)? A Dozen? Just how many videos in violation of your terms of service not to mention being illegal as they are a service to a terrorist organization and thus are subject to OFAC preview must they have taken down before you suspend the users account?

A response will be appreciated.

Lan Astaslem.

Letter sent to Editor@youtube and cc'd to abuse@youtube.

Curious to see how long before I get a response.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bad Grammer

So you've may have noticed I sometime's post incorrect english useage.

All I've gots to say is watch this:

Target Down!, selecting Next Target...

evilameeka is down! Hoooah!

Here's a player of alnuaimi stuff.

The playlist is here.

Have at 'em!

Monday, June 9, 2008

evilamreeka Playlist Player

I've been negligent in briefing targets of late. Hope you've all been doing lots of target practice.

Let me start with introducing you to the newest target, evilamreeka.

This one has some real graphic videos, so here is your "Strong Stomach" warning. Pause them if you if you need to before they go too far along.

Below is a player of the playlist. You will still need to go to the playlist to flag them, but the player can give you a preview if you'd like.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

May the Fleas of a Thousand Camels Find your Tent Tonight.

هل البراغيث من الف الجمال ايجاد الخاص بك خيمة الليلة

In Arabic for your C&P pleasure.

Massive Fail!

Back home and getting to work on some more playlist.

You all have been keeping up on the daily Smackdown? Right??

This last week has seen an incredible amount of accounts suspended. No small part due to efforts from y'all. Every flag report counts.

So here is a reward. Some home video of Haji using an RPG and an object lesson in range safety.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Got two accounts Down! I'll get some updates and new playlist up Saturday evening.

Thanks to all that helped in these smackdowns! Every bit helps.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting Closer...

OKay, things have gone well on the hunting trip and I'm now enjoying some sun while writing up the AAR and droping off a package here at Gitmo.

I noticed two of habebalmurshid videos are down. Just 40 more to go!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Note from the Field

The SFC should be home before next Saturday. Took the Lap top down with to Patagonia. How the hell do you get it to stay in your lap?

Back on Target! I have done some reorganizing of playlist at the youtube channel. Don't have time to put together any new ones until I get home. But that don't mean you troopers can slack off and hope that you can do a bunch of hop-and-pops to look busy when I return to base.

Go Here and flag a playlist!