Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boreing stuff that happened to me...

So, the friday after the lightning storm burned my router and modem, I proposed to my long term Girlfriend as I had planned on doing for some time. she said yes and then said ASAP!

The next week its off to Vegas for a wedding and Honeymoon, then the monday after that, I get news that the office building I had been looking at to buy and could never get a price agreed on was now available for lease with a buy option after 2 years. AND the contract on the cable modem connection ended in July and that ment a price increase.

I signed the lease and cancelled the cable and had no internet at the house. (And no cable TV either, but that will get fixed come September.) I had planned on something with a bit more bandwith and stability for the new office building since we will have four times as many servers as we have had, but since not many companies in my neck of the woods have T1 connections, it was a long process to get it installed.

So, long story short, I'm back!

Time to get back to Work!!!!

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