Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Editor @ youtube


This users account: has at least five(5) videos that you have pulled for violation of Terms of use.

I know because I made a playlist ( and of all this accounts videos that were displayed on that account as of June 5th 2008. I can plainly see the videos that are now marked unavailable.

As this user also has on most of those videos the symbol of the Islamic State Of Iraq, a Terrorist Organization and further that you have seen fit to remove five (5) of said users videos, it is strange to me that this users account hasn't been suspended.

Does it take six (6)? A Dozen? Just how many videos in violation of your terms of service not to mention being illegal as they are a service to a terrorist organization and thus are subject to OFAC preview must they have taken down before you suspend the users account?

A response will be appreciated.

Lan Astaslem.

Letter sent to Editor@youtube and cc'd to abuse@youtube.

Curious to see how long before I get a response.


Lan Astaslem said...

...And I'm not counting the immediate failure to deliver that I got when I sent it. I know places that do that to discourage people from spamming their inbox.

Webmaster said...

So when I first read your post, OccupationResistance had 41 videos. Just recently I checked and now he has 40 videos and account is still live. Sigh, apparently 6 is not enough.

Andrea said...

When we first started on him in mid April he had 50.
Do the math!

Sending via e-m info for where to send complaints.
You "can" send same (good) letter to editor@ but they rarely return phone calls.

Andrea said...

Help Resources Home > Help Center > Account and Policies > General Policy Enforcement Information

General Policy Enforcement InformationHow do we implement YouTube’s content policies?
The standard of behavior we expect of YouTube users is set out in our Community Guidelines. If a user posts a video or otherwise behaves on the site contrary to these Guidelines, we will generally remove the offending material, and apply a Community Guidelines warning strike against the account of the poster. These strikes stick with the accounts belonging to that user for six months from the date they are received. If a user receives such a strike they will be notified when they next log-in to their YouTube account. For reference, copies of the notice are also sent to the user's email address and YouTube private message inbox.

Andrea said...

The first strike on an account is considered a warning. If an account receives two strikes within a six month period, the ability to post new content to YouTube from that account will be temporarily disabled. If there are no further issues, full privileges will be restored automatically after a period. If an account receives a third Community Guidelines strike within six months (before the first strike has expired) the account will be terminated.

When a user has posting privileges temporarily disabled on one account, for the duration of the suspension that user is also prohibited from posting material to YouTube using any other account. Attempts to circumvent this rule may result in immediate termination without warning of all accounts.

Andrea said...

There's more to read at the URL but above is main info.

Pardon my copy/paste but the sooner this information is seen by all the better.

We will be getting this published on SmackDownCorp asap.

Another piece of information - where to write via using actual complain form will send via e-m rather than continue to post so much information here.

Celebrimbor said...

Down to 39...

I'll be curious to know if you get a response. I was thinking of using those addresses to tell youtube about some repeat customers that I have come across.

Lan Astaslem said...

No response yet at the 24 hour mark.

Not holding my breath...

Lan Astaslem said...

Opps. In all fairness. I went back to check what I sent and noticed tht the r in editor on the addy was missing.

Fixed and resent. Reseting the cloack.

Lan Astaslem said...

Got the autoresponse that it has been recieved.

Lan Astaslem said...

Yes, the account is down, but I've never recieved a response.