Tuesday, June 17, 2008

4 vids down in less then a week, so why is Panterapete187 still around?

Anyone can plainly see from the Panterapete187 playlist that There are 4 videos that are no longer available and its a safe bet that since all of the videos have Jihadist leaning that they were removed for violation of Youtubes TOS.

So why is this account still up?

From Youtubes own policy as posted on their site. (H/T to andera.)

You can find this at: Help Resources Home > Help Center > Account and Policies > General Policy Enforcement Information

General Policy Enforcement InformationHow do we implement YouTube’s content policies?
The standard of behavior we expect of YouTube users is set out in our Community Guidelines. If a user posts a video or otherwise behaves on the site contrary to these Guidelines, we will generally remove the offending material, and apply a Community Guidelines warning strike against the account of the poster. These strikes stick with the accounts belonging to that user for six months from the date they are received. If a user receives such a strike they will be notified when they next log-in to their YouTube account. For reference, copies of the notice are also sent to the user's email address and YouTube private message inbox.

The first strike on an account is considered a warning. If an account receives two strikes within a six month period, the ability to post new content to YouTube from that account will be temporarily disabled. If there are no further issues, full privileges will be restored automatically after a period. If an account receives a third Community Guidelines strike within six months (before the first strike has expired) the account will be terminated.

When a user has posting privileges temporarily disabled on one account, for the duration of the suspension that user is also prohibited from posting material to YouTube using any other account. Attempts to circumvent this rule may result in immediate termination without warning of all accounts.

Emphasis added by me.

Email Youtube at editor@youtube.com and/or abuse@youtube.com and ask them about this.

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